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Chapter 7 Chap 6   Genes and Inheritance   Chap 8 Flashcards  Self Quiz
  1. Gregor Mendel pioneered the study of of observable traits, which we now understand is based on .
  2. Mendelian inheritance exhibits predictable expression of and traits.
  3. Many recessive traits are due to an abnormal expressed by the recessive allele.
  4. A Punnett square can be used to calculate the ratio of and of offspring based on .
  5. A can be used to determine the genotype of a individual.
  6. Many traits exhibit non-Mendelian inheritance.
    • dominance results when alternative alleles are not fully dominant or fully recessive.
    • Human blood types exhibit due to proteins.
    • Some genes reside on the chromosome, and exhibit sex-linked inheritance patterns.
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