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"An inefficient virus kills its host, a clever virus stays with it." - James Lovelock

Supplementary videos
Poliovirus Vaccine Trial Shows Promise for Brain Tumor
Better batteries through viruses
HIV life cycle: reverse transcriptase, integrase, protease (44 MB) (HHMI) HIV diversity
HIV treatment: AZT blocks reverse transcriptase (HHMI)
HIV treatment: Ritonavir protease inhibitor (HHMI)
Retroviruses and retroviral-like transposons: jumping viruses
Endogenous retroviruses: life cycle and ancestral implications
Repetitive DNA: LINEs, SINEs, and ALUs (transposons); whales and hippos, oh my
Finding a Pathway for Flu Drugs: Tamiflu Neuraminidase inhibitor
Relenza Flu Drug: inhibits Neuraminidase that frees the virus from host
Therapeutic antibodies neutralize the flu virus: an alternative to vaccines?
Genetic recombination in flu virus (Note: no crossing over) (HHMI)
H1N1: Swine flu life cycle
Dengue Virus structure: like other flaviviruses such as Zika and West Nile
Dengue virus enters cell by endocytosis (HHMI)

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