Chap 11   Chapter 13 Self Quiz: Evolution and Diversity Among the Microbes   Chap 14

  1. Viruses may contain the following EXCEPT
    1. DNA (wrong)
    2. RNA (wrong)
    3. protein (wrong)
    4. nucleus (correct)
    5. envelope (wrong)
  2. The envelope of a flu virus is derived from
    1. capsid of the virus (wrong)
    2. DNA from its nucleus (wrong)
    3. RNA from its nucleus (wrong)
    4. cell wall of host (wrong)
    5. plasma membrane of host (correct)
  3. HIV is a retrovirus that possesses the enzyme
    1. DNA polymerase (wrong)
    2. RNA polymerase (wrong)
    3. reverse transcriptase (correct)
    4. DNA reversase (wrong)
    5. virase (wrong)
  4. AIDS is caused by which virus?
    1. Flu (wrong)
    2. Zika (wrong)
    3. Herpes (wrong)
    4. HPV (wrong)
    5. HIV (correct)
  5. The flu virus contains which kind of surface proteins?
    1. A and B (wrong)
    2. N and H (correct)
    3. transcriptase and polymerase (wrong)
    4. protease and nuclease (wrong)
    5. protease and integrase (wrong)

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